"We draw from our client's dreams and their private requirements as we create a concept of how we can make these thoughts a reality. We personalize the concept as we draw from the inside out. We draw the way people actually live. Great rooms are built and furnished around the people who live in them." - Stan Topol

Every project, large or small, begins at the drafting board. We begin our studies and sketches of the interior spaces through furnishings, with consideration for proportion and the space of the rooms. This accommodates our clients' needs and creates a sense of their own personal world. We expose our clients to the appropriate furnishings and accessories for their specific interiors and architecture. Traffic flow, convenience, views form room to roam, vies of the outside, views into the house; all are considered for furniture and partition placement. Every member of the family is considered, as is the mobility, rituals and lifestyle of the client.

After setting on a floorplan we educate our clients on furniture, fabrics, finishes, cabinetry and art. We listen to them and find what touches them. A team prepares the furniture, fabric and finish presentation based on the clients' taste, needs and budget. Selections are made, and ordered and installed in the clients' space. The clients can choose from additional art and accessories that are brought to the installation. Often clients ask for china, linens, stationary and other items to fully complete their home or business.

Stan Topol & Associates, Inc. is capable of producing complete construction documents when needed. Construction documents include but aren't limited to a furniture plans. Demolition plans, dimension and partition plans, elevation key plans, elevations, details, schedules, finish, plans, flooring plans, electrical plans and lighting plans are a major part of the service available through Stan Topol & Associates, INc. Complete Construction documents an essential for contractors/builders to bid accurately on a clients' projects.